We offer a wide range of services to individual and corporate clients


The conveyancing department boasts over 70 years of combined experience offering the following services:

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  1. Property transfers
  2. Mortgage bonds
  3. Notarial bonds
  4. Preparation and drafting of sale agreements
  5. Registration of servitudes
  6. Registration of Sectional Title Schemes including the drafting of ancillary documents such as management and conduct rules
  7. General conveyancing
  8. Commercial bonds
  9. Developments 

Commercial Contracting

Our professionals offer a wide range of knowledge in respect of commercial and corporate contract drafting and negotiation.


1. Agreements of Sale of Business
2. Agreements of Sale of Shares
3. Agreements of Lease
4. Restraint of Trade
5. Asset for Share Transfers
6. Association Agreements
7. Notarial Agreements including Ante-nuptial Contracts and Notarial Deeds
8. Joint Venture Agreements


This department deals with High Court and Magistrates Court civil litigation including damages claims, financial recoveries, matrimonial and family law as well as criminal law litigation and enforcements of contracts.

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Our services include:

1. Urgent Applications
2. Legal Opinions
3. Mediation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
4. Matrimonial and Family Matters
5. Contractual litigation
6. Magistrates litigation
7. High court litigation
8. Correspondent attorneys  

Debt Collection

This department deals predominately with bank recoveries of vehicles and immovable property.

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Our professionals provide full debt collection and recovery services to clients
ranging from acknowledgments of debt to litigation’s.