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Notarial Practice

Providing Clients with Legal Contract Witnessing

The Southey Attorneys Notarial team provides our clients with specialised Notarial services including the authentication of documents, preparing Antenuptial contracts, as well as Notarial services related to property law. 

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is an admitted attorney who has a specialised qualification to carry out legal and common law administrative functions.  The Notary Public Seal is recognised internationally. 

Who Needs Notarial Services?

Southey Attorneys provides, among other things, the following Notarial Services:
Authenticated Documents (An Apostille) used abroad and in South Africa.
Couples getting married who would like an Antenuptial Contract
Persons wanting to register a servitude (usufruct / right of way) 
People looking to add additional conditions to existing registered rights

What are the benefits of working with Southey Attorneys?

Southey Attorneys' experience in Notarial Practice provides a depth of understanding and attention to detail.

This enables our Notarial team to provide meticulous Notarial Services to our clients.
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