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Litigation & Disputes

Experienced High Court & Magistrate Court Litigation

When a situation has reached the point where an impartial judge needs to get involved, you need the best possible legal advice to guide you through the processes, provide you with a strategic legal approach and protect you from potential threats.

Southey Attorneys has a wide range of experience representing matters in the High Courts and Magistrates Courts of South Africa.

Litigation is essentially 20% law and 80% strategy, and our experience in this field gives clients an edge over their opponents.

Your legal success is our key objective.

Who Needs Litigation & Dispute Management?

If you are in a relationship, whether it is personal or business, and a dispute arises that cannot be resolved, litigation and dispute management may be the only way to move forward.

What is the Litigation & Dispute Management Process?

There is a wide range of potential situations that may require litigation or dispute management. The Southey Attorneys team has over 40 years of combined experience in litigation and dispute management and follows a tried and tested process which has seen great success over the years. 

Relationship History

During a consultation with our client, the Southey Attorneys team takes time to understand the history of the relationship in which the dispute has risen.

Consult & Research

Following the initial consultation the Southey Attorneys team researches case law, as well as drawing on our extensive experience, to recommend a way forward. This may include a wide variety of litigation tools such as legal letters, arbitration or, in extreme cases, legal action which may go to court.

Provide Options

Regardless of the legal action the Southey Attorneys team takes, we make sure our clients understand the legal implications of the actions available to them. This empowers our clients to make the best possible decision for their specific situation.

The benefits of working with Southey Attorneys.

The Southey Attorneys Litigation and Dispute Management team understands how important it is for our clients to have choices and control over the litigation and dispute management process.

Litigation is essentially 20% law and 80% strategy, and our experience in this field gives clients an edge over their opponents.

Southey Attorneys extensive experience enables early and effective communication with our clients as we work together to find legal solutions to litigation and disputes, protecting our clients' interests now and in the future.
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