Legal New Year Resolution

As 2020 sets off at a gallop we have three legal New Year resolutions we think should be a top priority on everyone’s “to-do” list.


1. Your Will

Our first legal New Year resolution that we think everyone needs to do is to review their Will, and if you have, don’t have a Will to put one in place.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, having a strategic Will in place means your loved ones will be protected and provided for, should anything happen to you.
It’s also very important to review your Will every year.  Each year brings a wide range of changes in your financial situation and having an outdated Will in place leaves your loved ones vulnerable. 
Make sure you Will is relevant, up to date and provides your loved ones with certainty.

2. Contract review

The second Legal New Year resolution we think should be in place is to review your contracts.   When contracts are first put in place, they provide scope for the trade relationship at that time. 
Over time things may change and it’s important to make sure your contracts reflect these changes so that it still protects your interests.

3. A relationship with your lawyer

Our third and most important New Year resolution is to form a relationship with your lawyer, even if you don’t need a contract or legal support right now, do your homework on who you think will best represent you.
 Look for qualification and experience, but also how they communicate and the way they treat their clients.  It is better to research the different lawyers in your area rather than to go about finding a good lawyer in a rush and risk making the wrong decision.

With these three legal New Year Resolution “to-do’s” ticked, you can breathe easy knowing your year has started with the legal administration out of the way and you can look forward to an exciting year where new opportunities are underpinned by quality legal support.

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