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Estate Planning

Maximising Your Legacy by Minimising Estate Taxes

Your legacy is a gift to your loved ones and something that should be fiercely protected. 

 The Southey Attorneys Estate Planning team will empower you to do this.

Your estate comprises the sum total of your assets and liabilities at any given point, and should you pass away, be declared insolvent, or be placed into liquidation, the estate is then administered by another person such as an executor, a trustee or a liquidator.

The Southey Attorneys Estate Planning team is passionate about providing clients with the benefit of our experience and advice that takes current finances and future tax implications into account.


Who Needs Estate Planning?

Every person has a legacy that they leave when they pass away.  

If you do not decide what happens to your minor children, your assets and your finances then the government will make those decisions on your family's behalf after you have passed away. This may result in minor children being placed in foster care and their inheritance being managed by the Government Guardian Fund. 

Estate Planning empowers you with choices and control so that the legacy you leave is as powerful and positive as possible. 

What is the Estate Planning Process?

The Southey Attorneys Estate Planning team works with you to assess your current estate value based on cash, assets, policies and a variety of other elements.

Estate Assessment

Applying current tax law, our team forecasts the tax burden on your estate as it currently stands.

Tax Planning

Provide a range of solutions (which may include restructuring of your companies, trusts, policies or other tools), to enable you to minimize the tax on your estate and possibly protect your assets from creditors.

Estate Review

Each year a review of your estate is conducted to enable you to add or remove assets and to adapt the estate solutions to any new tax laws that may apply. This keeps your estate current so that no matter what happens your legacy is protected.
We have a client whom we assisted, who has an estate in excess of R200 million.  The Southey Attorneys team put a structured estate plan into place so that when he dies, he will only be taxed on the value of his cars and his furniture instead of the full R200 million. This has ensured that his loved ones will receive the full legacy he has worked so hard for.  

The benefits of working with Southey Attorneys.

Because Southey Attorneys works within a wide range of law and has decades of experience we are able to provide our clients with:
Estate Planning advice based on a broad perspective of the greater business and legal landscapes.
Qualified forecasting of the tax implications on your estate.
A wide range of estate solutions to help you to protect your legacy.
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