“Domicilium Citandi Et Executandi”

Have you ever signed a contract with a clause that is headed “DOMICILIUM CITANDI ET EXECUTANDI” and not had a clue what it actually means and what implications it may have?

Entering into a contract can often be overwhelming especially with the legal terminology and rules surrounding the content of the contract.

A domicilium address is not just your address, but is an extremely important insertion in a contract and not just a technicality.

Simply put, the address you choose as your domicilium is the address at which the other party to the contract can send, or have served, legal notices and processes in relation to the contract. This could be anything from a letter of demand for payment, notice of breach, or cancellation or even a summons in litigation.

By sending or serving a document at your domicilium address the other party does not have the burden of proving actual receipt of the document. All that is required of a party serving the document is that delivery is effected in the manner as required by the contract.

This being said, you need to be careful of the address you choose and even more so if you intend to relocate. You need to be sure that the document, however sent, will come to your attention as soon as possible.

Article on Choosing Your Domicilium Address