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Debt Collection

maintaining business relationships while protecting cash flow

Southey Attorneys has over 75 years combined Debt Collection experience and has developed a unique debt collection process.  This gives clients the best possible chance of recovering outstanding debts, while protecting their business relationships, and, where possible, restoring a paying customer to them. 

Who Needs Debt Collection?

If your business extends credit to clients to enable trade, or if your business experiences bad debt due to clients paying late, then Southey Attorneys Debt Collection services are for you.Southey Attorneys is waiting to assist you.

What is the Debt Collection Process?

Southey Attorneys works with you to assess which debts are the most important for collection and which client relationships are the most important for continued business. Our experienced team follows a documented process to ensure the recovery of outstanding debt. 

Contact Debtors

The Southey Attorneys Debt Collection team telephonically contacts debtors to request payment and if needed implement a payment plan. Should this not be successful a letter of demand is sent to the debtor.

Start Legal Proceedings

Should the debtor not respond to the letter of demand, the Southey Attorneys Debt Collection team begins legal proceedings which includes issuing a summons. 

Obtain Judgement

The Southey Attorneys Debt Collection team, where possible, obtains default judgement which enables the Sherrif to attach and sell movable items to settle the outstanding debt. 
We follow a firm, but fair process. When legal action becomes necessary, whilst we pursue it vigorously, we maintain a practical outlook from the viewpoint of the ratio of expense to amounts recoverable from the debtor.  This provides the best possible solution for our clients. 
During 2023, we had many successful debt recoveries, one being a payment of 
R1,5 million, two others being R900,000.00 each and many other successful collections through Southey Attorneys Debt Collection team. 
Gail Connelly

The benefits of working with Southey Attorneys

Southey Attorneys has decades of debt collection experience enabling us to:
Manage debtor excuses to ensure a payment result.
Maintain the business relationship between the creditor and the debtor so that further trade is possible.
Advise our clients as to their options with regards to debt collection.
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