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Property Law

Efficient Conveyancing for Successful Property Transactions

The Southey Attorneys Conveyancing team has extensive experience in helping clients with property transactions. Our team works with you to define your property transaction goals while providing realistic feedback on the legal processes and timelines involved.

Who needs Conveyancing Help?

Property Transactions cover a wide range of situations, all of which the Southey Attorneys Conveyancing team will help you to navigate. Some examples of the property transaction work we do include: 
Bond Cancellations
Registration of further loans (2nd, 3rd loans etc.)
Registration of a mortgage over a freehold property (bond registration)
Commercial Bonds - using property as security to finance facilities & overdrafts.
Endorsements required on death or divorce
Estate transfers
Stokvel, instalment sale agreements and transfers
Transfers as a result of corporate restructure (Section 42, 43, etc) 
Transferring properties to different entities for estate planning (Trust, Company, Close Corporation)
The Southey Attorneys Conveyancing team also works with our Notarial team to support customers with:
General & Special Notarial Bonds
Cessions of Exclusive Use Areas
Registration of Servitudes
We just want to say thank you to the whole team for helping us with signature of our bond documents.

We have received the originals via courier and have submitted same to the bank.

We could not have done this without your excellent service.

What is the process?

There are several general steps involved in property transactions:
On receipt of either a bond or transfer instruction, we will contact you to obtain further information. 
FICA documents for all parties must be collected as well as any further information necessary.  
Documents required for the transaction are drafted and prepared for signature.
The conveyancing attorney then attends to the process of registration as may be required at the Deeds Office.
Southey Attorneys was attending to the registration of a mortgage bond in favour of a client of a bank. The transaction was lodged in the Deeds Registry and a letter was received from an Insurer that provides finance for legal action, and the letter stated that the transfer and bond were to be cancelled immediately.

Normally, the transferring attorney looks into such things, but when that did not happen, Southey Attorneys asked the purchaser why she had cancelled the transaction.

Upon talking to the purchaser, we discovered that the purchaser never had an intention of cancelling the transaction, but because of a misunderstood comment to her legal advisor, (not an attorney) a letter had gone out stating that the deal was cancelled.

By showing an interest, Southey Attorneys was able to put the purchaser’s true intentions into effect, thus giving her the house she wanted, and avoiding claims for commissions, conveyancing fees and other damages against the purchaser.
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Benefits of working with Southey Attorneys?

Southey Attorneys has over 100 years of combined conveyancing experience and works with a wide range of property transactions. Our team is well versed in the process of property law, and is also passionate about providing you with the best possible service.
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