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20 May 2024
Sale of a Residential Immovable in Instalments Property

What is a Section 20 Recordal? To protect a purchaser who buys residential properties in instalments, Section 20 of the Alienation of Land Act, obliges the seller to record such a contract against the title deed of the seller’s own property. This is to inform the entire world that the property in question has been […]

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10 April 2024
The non-recognition of Islamic and Hindu marriages in South Africa

Islamic and Hindu marriages which are not accompanied by a civil ceremony, either in terms of the Marriage Act (Act 25 of 1961) or the Civil Union Act (Act 17 of 2006), are not recognised in South Africa and the parties are consequently considered as unmarried in the eyes of the law. The reason for […]

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19 February 2024
Social Media and the Law

In our ever changing society no one can deny that social media has become the most effective and immediate way of conveying information. There is now over one billion people using Facebook on a daily basis worldwide and over five hundred million registered Twitter accounts. There are however pitfalls that come with great technology and […]

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10 January 2024
Sectional Titles: Special Levies

What is a special levy for? Is it really necessary? What if I can’t afford to pay?   If you are an owner of a sectional title unit these may be some of the questions you or someone you know has asked. No one likes unexpected expenses and special levies is no exception.   What […]

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10 November 2023
Requirements for a Valid Will

What is said hereunder is not meant to be a comprehensive guide on wills. A will is a specialized document, which should preferably be drawn up by an expert like an attorney, trust company etc. The information is merely to inform the user of this site about some basic aspects of wills. Who is competent […]

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20 September 2023
What is a Notary Public?

A Notary or Notary Public is a specialist admitted attorney. In order to make an application to be admitted as a Notary by the High Court of South Africa, you must: Be admitted as an attorney; and Have passed the practical examination in respect of the practice, functions and duties of a Notary. The Notaries […]

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1 August 2023
Notarial Bonds

A friend of mine is going through some financial difficulties and asked me to lend him R80 000. I want to help him out but, I am worried that I won’t ever see my money again. What can I do to protect myself and make sure I see my money again? We all know that lending […]

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15 July 2023
What happens if I die without a will?

Contrary to popular belief – if you die without a will in South Africa, your assets will not go to the State. Only in cases where a deceased is not survived by any relative will his/her estate devolve upon the State. If you die without a will, your estate will devolve in terms of the […]

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10 June 2023
FICA and Proof of Residence- What documents are acceptable:

Taking out a cell-phone contract, opening a bank account, applying for finance or renewing your driver’s license are just some of the many instances that require proof of residence. We often think that financial institutions and government departments enjoy making us jump through hoops in order to get things done. But, that is not the […]

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10 April 2023
Employment: Fixed Term Contracts and Rolling Over

A fixed term contract is a contract of employment that, as the name suggests, is for a fixed period of time. The duration of the contract is specified and will indicate a starting date and an ending date.   A fixed term contract is entered into for a temporary period, it terminates either on a […]

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