2019 a year of opportunity

As 2019 approaches we’re excited about the different opportunities the New Year presents, so we’ve put together a little advice on how to ensure that those opportunities blossom into exciting adventures with a little help from Southey Attorneys.

With the current housing market being a volatile environment, with buyers struggling to get bonds, and having such a wide range of properties to choose from, it pays to be astute as a seller.

To this end we recommend that you have a look at including these three critical elements to any offer of purchase, as they will protect your interests, and ensure that your property isn’t caught in a washing machine of red tape

1. Property Development

If 2019 is the year you are planning to buy and sell properties, then Southey Attorneys can help smooth the property transaction process with reliable, clear and effective advice that will protect your property from time wasting red tape and ensure that you can move through the property sales process as quickly as possible.

 Southey Attorneys experience in property transaction means you can have peace of mind that the sales process is being handled as efficiently as possible with up-to-date communication keeping you in the loop the whole way through the process.

 2. Project Development

2019 holds a plethora of project potential, with President Ramaphosa announcing an R400 million infrastructure spending budget there are bound to be a great deal of opportunities on the horizon for many businesses.

Make sure every opportunity is underpinned by a strategic and carefully designed contract that protects your rights and facilitates trade relationships that are profitable and effective.

Southey Attorneys experience in writing in depth contracts with an elegant simplicity ensures that our clients can pursue exciting opportunities knowing they are protected by a strong contract.

3. Relationship Development

Regardless of whether the relationship you’re looking to develop is personal or professional, make sure you have Southey Attorneys in your corner watching over your legal rights and ensuring that the step you take in 2019 are from a place of legal strength. 

We are so looking forward to a year of progress, of challenges that bring growth and of great forward momentum as we work with our clients in developing new projects, growing property portfolios and shoring up the legal footing of our clients in their business relationships.

May 2019 be your year of exciting change and development!

We wish you a safe and happy Christmas in which you revel in all the best things you’ve been blessed with and a prosperous 2019. May you soar on wings like eagles and may there be grace for every good thing you put your hand to.